Mike (whoknowswhynot) wrote in iteotwbibf,

Welcome to the End of the World

It's The End Of The World But I'll Be Fine was born as a result of a few random ideas running through my head. Some serious, some not. Most will be explored in one form or another in this community. I envision the community being a fun morbid exercise in creativity...

So to get this party started, let's talk about the end of the world...

Given only the foreknowledge that civilization as we know it will die in 25 years, what causes it?

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Well I think the world is doomed because humans are going to cause some form of cataclysmic disaster. It could be global warming melting the ice caps and changing the flow of the gul-stream thereby rendering certain areas into frozen balls of ice... including MY area, incidentaly. Just add all the other crap we're doing; generating tons of garbage, polluting with radioactive waste, destroying whole species, deforestation etc, and I see a pretty dim little future!

Naturally I and my family will survive. We will be holed up in our super-defended compound somewhere (undisclosed location) with a zillion pounds of food and water on a scale with that found in the fremen seetches. :) Not to metion the firewood and all that. :)